"Thank you so much for my modified Motherpeace reading. You are absolutely the real deal, do not doubt it!! Thank you." - Kirsten G

" Tess set clear yet kind boundaries that were thoughtful toward both reader and client. They explained the overall process and were very patient with me during each step. I appreciated that they regularly checked in to see if I had questions. Their interpretations came from a variety of sources, which were verbally cited. I loved this because it gave me lots of different people's work to study and theories to consider. I had a very positive experience overall." - Alyssa H

" Thanks so much Tess for taking the time to meet with us on a snowy night! Your reading gave me so much to think about, and upon reflection was really what I needed to hear in order to follow a better path. I am delighted that Instagram introduced me to your business, and that I had the opportunity to travel to Ottawa and meet you in person. Thanks again!" - Deanna E

" Tess was so warm and knowledgeable and she really made me feel comfortable. Her reading was poignant and gave me a lot of clarification. Would definitely recommend!" - Ashley D

" Tess has an uncanny intuition and lots of empathy, as well as a great mind to connect tarot cards with modern life and see patterns in the spread. I totally recommend them" - Kim T

" Tess is a wonderful reader who grounds their interpretations of the cards in a queer, progressive, anti-capitalist lens that makes the reading much more relatable." - Avory F

" Tess set up such a lovely, safe space and i think everyone felt very comfortable there. i got some very helpful insights and came away inspired and ready to try some new rituals and to use my tarot in a more comforting way. I loved it!" - Carly G

"T ess was great! They are so insightful and brought amazing fresh perspectives to the cards that I had never heard before. I really benefitted from our reading and would definitely recommend them." - Emily B

" The reading was spot-on in terms of accuracy. It gave me a lot to think about! Tess had a wonderful friendly and welcoming energy. I really loved the way that Tess explained the meaning of each card, how they related to one another and the overall picture. I really like the analogies that Tess used to relate the reading to everyday life. I recommend everyone get a reading done by Tess - whether for fun, to help ease some anxiety or to get a sense of what is to come! It was an excellent experience!!!!!" - Amber B

" Tess is an accomplished healer and Tarot reader with a deeply sympathetic understanding of how to approach each individual session. They create space for personal discovery and are always sure to meet you where you are on your journey. I could not be where I am today without their refined approach towards being a trauma-informed healer with decolonizing practices. Thank you, Tess, for your offerings. We are so lucky to receive the many benefits of your work." - Kit M

" Blessings upon blessings upon blessings to the amazing City Witch! In each of my experiences with them, I have been met with an invitation to a compassion-driven, immersive experience into the folds of my spirit and subconscious. If you are looking for a safe exploration into the subtle fields of your soul, please do so with City Witch!" - Maddie W