Your next available appointment is awhile away, is it possible to book sooner?

In most cases, no, as this means I'm fully booked.  You can email me at as there's the off chance I might be able to accommodate a sooner reading than is listed on my booking form.


Is tarot fortune telling?

Some tarot readers practice tarot as fortune telling and/or divination. My lineage of teaching is based in the present moment rather than the future, I practice tarot as a tool for self-reflection and evolution.  This doesn't mean that divination is wrong, it simply is a different method of practicing tarot.  



Will telling you anything about my life affect the reading?

No.  To me, reading tarot for someone else feels like putting together a puzzle without knowing what the picture is on the puzzle.  Even if you were to tell me what the picture is on the puzzle, I am only looking at how the small pieces of each puzzle piece fit into each other.  


What spreads do you use?

All of my readings (15, 30, and 60 minutes) offer a variation of the Motherpeace spread, originally taught to me by my teacher Lindsay Mack and modified by myself. A 60 minute reading offers the full 11 card Motherpeace inspired spread. 


How often should I see you for a reading? 

No more often than once a month.  I recommend making sure you've figured out what growth you were invited to commit to from your last reading, before booking another reading.  We can also talk about this growth and the work you've been doing at the beginning of your next reading. 



Is tarot therapy? 

No.  Tarot can be a therapeutic practice and offer spiritual support, however I am not a licensed therapist and cannot provide therapy.  


What is a reading like?

Readings are structured as follows...  First I go over some general housekeeping.  Then we drop-in together, calling in any spiritual guides and ancestors, and set an intention for the reading.  After we'll shuffle, pull cards, and talk about them. Readings are recorded in Zoom and a video will be emailed to you shortly after your reading.


Why do you only offer video conference readings? Is the energy still the same as in-person readings?

My apartment is not physically accessible (multiple staircases), is home to two cats (cat allergies), and is not scent-free (I often burn beeswax candles, use essential oils, and burn herbs and resins.)  I also live with my partner, and in-person readings would reduce my availability to be mindful of their schedule and your privacy.  In order to make readings the most accessible for all folx, readings are offered over Zoom video conference calls.  I use a Logitech Pro HD video camera and bluetooth headphones for the clearest audio and visuals.   Absolutely nothing changes about the reading other than the opportunity for you to be comfy in your pajamas during your reading.  



Is there anything I can do to prepare for a reading?

Feel free to engage in any personal rituals to cleanse yourself (my favourites include smoke cleansing with rosemary and selenite).  At the beginning of a reading we will physically position ourself in a place of listening and you will have the opportunity to share an intention for the reading.  If you'd like, you can meditate ahead of time on an intention you'd like to set.  Feel free to bring any plant or crystal allies for support during the reading or to contribute to the intention you're setting.  


What's the best way to contact you?!  I monitor my emails on weekdays from 10am - 4pm, not including holidays.  I do not monitor my DMs on social media.


What are your pronouns?

I use the pronouns they/them/theirs.  I don't believe the socially constructed gender binary has any place in tarot.  Instead of "male/female" or "yin/yang" energy I find the terms "solar" and "lunar" energy to be the most accurate description of this energy. 





I'm interested in a reading but worried about what might come up?  

My number one priority during a reading is honouring your nervous system and honouring your freewill! That aside, there are no harmful cards in the tarot.  My practice centres all cards as medicine, meaning all cards (including Death) offer healing rather than warnings of incoming harm.  As a PTSD survivor I also do not centre shame or guilt in my readings, so cards will never tell you to not do something or shame you for doing something.  All cards offer invitations you can say yes or no to, they are not good/bad things happening to you that you don't have a say in. 


When are you coming to my city?

This working witch is always down to travel!!!  Simply email me at and I will do my best to book a tour in your city.  If possible, please include potential venues for reading tarot and teaching workshops.


If you still have a question, you can email me at!