Folk tarot honours intuition as a birthright.  A tool for self reflection to best understand how things are presently unfolding, so that we are empowered to make decisions about our future that are most aligned with our core truths and values. It's tarot practiced as folk medicine - all cards invite us to grow, evolve, take leaps of faith, honour our nervous system, and heal.  



Weekly Schedule EST
Mondays / 12pm - 7pm
Tuesdays / 12pm - 7pm
Wednesdays / 10am - 1pm
Thursdays / 12pm - 7pm
Saturdays / 12pm - 7pm




P a y m e n t   P l a n s 

Tarot as a folk practice means tarot as an accessible tool for all of us, regardless of our marginalized identities or class struggle.  Trades and payments plans are available for all tarot offerings, with the sole condition that you accept this with no feelings of shame attached.  Tarot is only healing if it is accessible.  Please send me an email at if you have any questions about trades and/or payment plans. 

Click here to pay for your reading via a payment plan. 




T a r o t   C i r c l e s

Collective readings are healing containers facilitated for small groups of 4 to 9 people.  A circle is formed around the person receiving a reading and those participating in the circle are welcome to hold space or offer advice and interpretations of the individuals reading.  Not all of those participating in the circle are required to have an individual reading, nor are they required to have any knowledge of tarot.  I bring all the necessary tools however the space is supplied by the host.  Please note that this offering is only available in Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto at a rate of 80$/hour. 

Please send all inquiries to



E v e n t s

Group or individual readings can also be facilitated for large groups and events including but not limited to... launches, pop-ups, tarot circles, full moons, baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, and corporate events.  Past clients include Saje Wellness, Kindred Shop + Studio, and Empire Exchange. Please note that this offering is only available in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto at a rate of 150$/hour. 

Please send all inquiries to and include the number of attendees, duration of event, location, and any extra needs or alterations to this offering. 



W o r k s h o p s

I teach workshops both online and in-person on tarot theory and practices.  These include but are not limited to: intro classes on the framework of tarot, deeper theory on the major arcanum/suits/court cards, creating spreads, tarot as a self care practice, gender in tarot, as well as practical lessons for reading tarot as a vocation.  If you would like to book me or host a workshop, please email  If you are interested in a tarot workshop not listed, please email your pitch to