tess is a folk tarot reader, city witch, and zinester residing in so-called ottawa on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Anishinaabe territory. they are a cancer sun and moon, aries rising. they studied history and political science at the university of ottawa and are an alum of lindsay mack's wild soul tarot teachings.


influenced by anarchist studies on gendered labour and bodily autonomy, tess uses tarot as a tool to for self reflection towards evolution and love, to best understand how things are unfolding in the present moment so we can make decisions about our future that are most in line with our core truths and values. tarot increases our joy, our ability to affect and be affected by others. 


to name lineage, influential texts in their tarot study include:
caliban and the witch by silvia federici 

joyful militancy by nick montgomery and carla bergman
motherpeace, the way to the goddess through myth art and tarot by vicki noble
emergent strategy by adrienne maree brown
rebellious mourning: the collective work of grief by cindy milstein