30 - 60 min Intuitive Tarot Readings
with Tess Giberson
Wednesday October 25th from 5 - 9pm
Available slots: 7:30 - 8 pm
Get an idea of how your life is unfolding at this present moment, and connect with the immaterial for guidance to move forward in full alignment with your highest and best self.
Try a 30 minute reading if you’re new to the practice or a longer reading if you have more than one question.
Reserve your spot ahead of time, pay at your appt! Half hour readings are $30, 1 hour readings are $50
Venue info: We'll be getting cozy in highback armchairs in the window seating. Please bring any accessbility supports, (back pillows, stim toys etc) that you'll need for sitting during a 30 - 60 period. As regular customers will be popping in we're unfortunately unable to guarantee that the workshop will be a 100% scent-free space. A stopgap wheelchair ramp will be at the entrance however the window nook is a slightly raised platform.
Questions? Comments? Get in touch at