Common People Shop x City Witch

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New Workshop Alert! Intro to Folk Tarot

April 11th from 7pm - 9pm @ Common People Shop (1694 Queen St W)

This is an intimate 2 hour workshop to explore tarot theory through the lens of folk medicine. Folk tarot is a way of reading tarot that values autonomy, collective power, joy, liberation, mutual evolution, and interdependence. Folk tarot evolved during my studies under Soul Tarot reader Lindsay Mack and through working with the energy of the Queen of Wands. 

The Queen of Wands is the archetypal witch of the tarot.  They were a profound ally for me in the process of unlearning decades of shame and guilt I carried from growing up Evangelical while being trans/genderliminal. The Queen of Wands teaches us that magic, not sin, is our birthright.  And that magic, including tarot, is for everyone.  It's not something you can buy, or something you can commodify. Magic is the connection between the bees and the dandelions and the land and us. Magic is a folk tradition, passed on to me from previous generations of wise women and cunning folk and those with the "second sight". 

"Folk Tarot" was also inspired by a deeply healing hypnotherapy group ritual on Samhain of 2018 where I was able to connect with an ancestor who was burned for practicing folk magic - I was previously aware that I descended from a line of healers/cunning folk from an astrology reading with Corinna of Rise up! Good Witch. 

If you'd like to learn more about folk tarot, listen to my podcast interview on Tarot for the Wild Soul where I talk about magic as our birthright, the Queen of Wands reversed, mental health, and revolutionary endeavours. 

Like folk herbalism (which is incredibly difficult to find a concise definition of and I LOVE that!) folk tarot honours our intuition and magic as something we all have access to. We are all empaths and healers and capable of looking at something broken and imagining it's future full of wholeness. By the end of this workshop, I hope to not only cover the framework of the major and minor arcanum but support you in feeling confident enough to trust your intuition when reading tarot.   

Please bring a tarot deck and something to write with. Workbooks will be provided. Registration is a $60 investment, spaces are limited. 

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