The Magician

major arcana tarot the magician theory



  • Individuality
    • the Fool becoming a person, slipping out of the womb, bloody, messy, and surprised to be alone. emerging from the void to take their first steps in the world. 
    • selfhood, claiming our power, finding our right place in the world

  • we learn something new about ourselves when working with this card, it shows where new things are possible

  • The initial urge to detach from ego, that which separates us from connection and interdependence

  • Infinity symbol = divinity

  • Invitation for something to be created through us (being a channel, communication)
    • Closing the distance between dreams and reality
    • Revolutionary endeavours, achieving what others deem impossible
    • “Intention” - all good ideas need a channel to bring them down to earth

  • Understanding our purpose and committing to seeing through

  • A portal into a new stage of life




  • Similar to a mercury retrograde (miscommunication)

  • Strengthening our channel so it can support what we’re channeling

  • Pausing, resting

  • Clarifying our intentions and developing a singularity of focus (purity)




  • As above, so below




  • Element: Air

  • Astro: Mercury

  • Gateway: Right Eye

  • Animals: Baboon, Monkey, Coyote, Fox, Greyhound, Hare, Weasel, Ape, Nightingale, Thrush, Lark, Parrot

  • Plant: Marjoram, Vervain, Almond, Caraway, Clover, Coriander, Lily of the valley, Laurel, Licorice, Anise Hyssop, Fenugreek, Rose, Skullcap. 

  • Crystals: Peridot, Agate, Clear Quartz, Marcasite, Agate, Opal , Coral, Emerald, 

  • Perfumes: Cinnamon, Mace, Citrus Peel, Bayberries, Mastic, White Sandalwood, Mace, Storax, Nutmeg

  • Gifts and Attributes: Life and Death

  • Mythology: Mercury, Hermes, Odin, Thoht, Hanuman, Loki

  • Musical Note: E

Deck Specific Analysis

Use these questions as guidelines for getting to know the Magician, specifically as interpreted by your deck. 

  • What is the colour scheme? What does this tell me about the card?
  • Describe the living beings and how they interact:
  • Any symbols on the card? What do they mean?
  • What is the numerology behind the number zero?
  • Describe the environment (what is going on in the background?) What does this tell me about the card?
  • How does the card make me feel?


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