The Fool

tarot the fool theory



  • A visionary explorer of humanity, committed to being in right relationship with the people/places/things around them, committed to praticing the future together, living into new stories to create a new world
  • Card zero, it exists outside of time and social norms, does the unexpected and reimagines tradition. 
    • An embryonic state, the world before the big bang
    • Initiation of the cycle that leads us back to wholeness
    • Rooted in the present, moving from moment to moment without analyzing what’s come before or what has yet to come
    • Boundless energy that has no limits, no definition
    • “You weren’t starving before you got here, you were born full” - Chani Nicholas

  • Shows up when we’re making decisions that affect our life path, an urge to make radical decisions towards continual self development without judgement.

  • Leaping into the unknown
    • Staying humble in the face of the unknown
    • Getting intimate with what we don’t know (including fear and self-doubt)
    • Black holes are portals!

  • Divinely guided, if we are asked to leap we won’t fail
    • Not having an explanation for leaping but an inner knowing
    • Like birds migrating, feeling a call in their bodies to go and responding to it
    • Feeling supported enough to take a risk, trusting our feet

  • Does your path set your heart on fire, glowing with ambition? What does the journey mean? What does it cost? (Slow Holler)

  • The Fool teaches us emergence by connecting all the cards in the major arcana. Whenever we want to move from one card to the next, we embody the Fool. 

  • The Fool’s Journey is a revolutionary journey. We cannot live someone else’s truth, regardless of how much it resonates with us. To transform we must walk our own path.


  • Fear of leaping, not trusting our inner knowing 
  • We never lose the opportunity to leap, we don’t have to take a risk until we feel supported enough to leap
  • Honouring our nervous system


  • I trust myself in the face of the unknown.
  • “The journey is the work, the work is the journey.” (Emergent Strategy)
  • “All possibilities are open to me as I endlessly experience the here and now.” (Mary K Greer)


  • Element: Air
  • Astro: Uranus
  • Gateway: Chest
  • Animals: Eagle, crocodile, birds, butterflies, insects
  • Plant: Dandelion, Astragalus, Borage, Elecampane, Peppermint, Rose, Red Clover, Star Anise, Aspen, Bamboo, Linden, Almond, Pine, Papyrus, Fern, Dill, Lavender
  • Crystals: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Topaz, Chalcedony, Aluminum, Tin, Pumic, Clear Quartz
  • Perfume: Galbanum, Grass, Pines/Firs
  • Gifts and Attributes: Air - Temperate
  • Mythology: Harpocrates, Zeus, Jupiter, Vayu, Valkyries
  • Musical Note: E


Deck Specific Analysis

Use these questions as guidelines for getting to know the Fool, specifically as interpreted by your deck. 

  • What is the colour scheme? What does this tell me about the card?
  • Describe the living beings and how they interact:
  • Any symbols on the card? What do they mean?
  • What is the numerology behind the number zero?
  • Describe the environment (what is going on in the background?) What does this tell me about the card?
  • How does the card make me feel?

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