Hey pals! 

I'm a non binary/trans healer, folk tarot reader, city witch, and zinester based in Ottawa, Canada.  my goal with this patreon is to offer inspiration through ritual, tools, practices, collective readings and vlogs for you to develop and strengthen your own healing practice. 

 your pledges contribute to the running costs of creating folk medicine including tech tools, software, and time. thank you so much for your continued support, monetarily and energetically.there is no hierarchy to monthly contributions, meaning each financial level has the same access to content. contributions are pay what you can, starting at 2$, as I strongly believe tarot cannot be used as a tool for healing and evolution if it's not accessible.

energetic descriptions of the numbers are provided to aid in choosing a monthly contribution that resonates for you. 

 and a quick note on community - please be mindful of the ways you might indirectly (or directly) contribute to oppressive structures and hierarchies within this space. while there are no safe spaces, this is meant to be a safe(r) and anti-oppressive space with zero tolerance for racism, sexism, transphobia, whorephobia, or violence. 

in love and solidarity 


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