m a g i c i s y o u r b i r t h r i g h t
m a g i c i s y o u r b i r t h r i g h t
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"I am listening now with all of my senses, as if the whole universe might exist just to teach me more about love, I listen to strangers, I listen to random invitations, I listen to criticisms, I listen to my body, I listen to my creativity and to the artists who inspire me, I listen to elders, I listen to my dreams and the books I am reading. I notice that the more I pay attention, the more I see order, clear messages, patterns, and invitations in the small or seemingly random things that happen in my life."

 - Adrienne Maree Brown, Emergent Strategy, p.8-9

Folk tarot is tarot used as a tool to increase our joy.  Joy, defined by Spinoza, is our ability to affect or be affected.  Meaning, tarot increases our ability to engage in our free will, our ability to give a shit.  A tool to map out where we want to evolve and find our truth. Tarot is "science fictional behaviour", to act in the present based off the imagination of those who came before us and for the betterment of those who will come after us.  I am not here to show you your future but to divine a plan for growth, to reconnect you with your intuition, to invite you to actually give a damn about the larger picture of who you want to become.  

Tarot Schedule

Mondays // 10am - 4pm // Skype

Wednesdays // 10am - 4pm //  Skype

Thursdays // 10am - 4pm // Skype

Saturdays (sometimes) // 9am - 3pm // Main St Farmers Market


Vancouver // October 11th - 22nd

Workshops and reading dates TBA!